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The only Navajo-sanctioned, college-preparatory school for Native Americans, Navajo Preparatory School recruits some of the best and brightest students of the Navajo Nation. Looking to the future, the school offers students a challenging, innovative curriculum in science, math, computers, and other traditional academic subjects. In harmony with the past, it steeps the youth in a deep appreciation of the Navajo Language, culture, and history. Armed with this impressive, balanced education, students graduate with the skills to succeed in college and an understanding of the world around them. Many will become leaders of their people and role models for future generations.

The International Baccalaureate Program is an integral part of Navajo Preparatory School. The purpose of the program is to provide to students with an academically challenging high school education, which meets worldwide standards and criteria and is sanctioned by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Located in Farmington, New Mexico, a few miles outside the Navajo reservation, Navajo Preparatory School's mission is:

The school provides a rigorous academic program based on a strong foundation of Navajo Philosophy, supported by a residential environment that enhances individuality and independence. This mission is reflected in the School's motto,, "Yideeskaago Naat'aanii-Leaders Now and Into the Future."

We are a non profit institution. Download the 501(C)-(3) non profit certificate

Our Colors

Since the beginning of our time as Dine, the colors which represent the cardinal directions have been special to us. These colors are white, turquoise, yellow and black. Each of these colors holds a variety of symbolic meanings that combine in a complete and balanced model of the universe. The structure of the Navajo Preparatory School curriculum is based on this fourfold model and reflects the symbolic meanings of each of the four quadrants. The concept that express this in educational terms are Nitsahakees, Nahat'a, Iina, and Sih Hasin.


Our Name: Navajo Preparatory School

Navajo is the name given to our people by a foreign culture. We, as Navajo, identify ourselves as Dine: The People.

Preparatory signifies the preparation that students receive while attending our school. Here they learn about life, science, beauty, songs, languages, and harmony. As they search for their destinies in this existence, they ask themselves what they can do for our world to maintain balance and harmony. This is the preparation for tomorrow the we offer.

School signifies a place of learning about ourselves and our surroundings. It is through experience that we learn and grow to become wise leaders.

Our Mascot

Navajo Preparatory School's mascot is the eagle. To the Dine people, the eagle is sacred. It is the leader of the sky people. We want our students to reach their highest goals through learning and interscholastic activities, to soar beyond their shortfalls. This is what we seek to instill in the young minds of our students.


Upcoming Events

  • 09-30-16 - Regular Board of Trustee's Mtg
  • 10-21-16 - Junior Parent Day