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NPS Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Main Number: 505-326-6571
Fax Numbers
Academics/Athletics:  (505) 564-8099
School Based Health Center:  (505) 326-1834
Administration:  (505) 327-9213
Business Office:  (505) 326-2155

Commonly Used Extensions
Front Office Ext. 122
Library    Ext. 153
Cafeteria Ext. 112
McKenzie School Based Health Center Ext. 115 or 116

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Administration/Business Office

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Ojaye, Betty Executive Director 326-6571 Ext. 148
Dan, Katarra Administrative Asst to the Executive Director 326-6571 Ext. 120
Cooper, Kenneth Director of Human Resources 326-6571 Ext. 123
 John, Sheryl Business Manager 326-6571 Ext. 136
Westbrook, Sandra Admissions/Public Relations 326-6571 Ext. 129
Bluehouse, Eve Acct. Receivable Tech 326-6571 Ext. 125
Dembowski, Diane Acct. Payable Tech 326-6571 Ext. 152
  Payroll/Travel Tech   326-6571 Ext. 113


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Racawan, Tasha Dean of Instruction 326-6571 Ext. 320
Lee, Roxanne Asst. Dean of Instruction/IB Coord 325-6571 Ext. 130
Rainy Crisp Interim Athletic Director  
Jones, Daniel Academic Counselor 326-6571 Ext. 137
Smith, Errin Admin. Assistant to the Dean 326-6571 Ext. 160
Yanito, Gladina Receptionist 326-6571 x122
Staggers, Margaret Registrar 326-6571 Ext. 128
Stucky, Marilyn Librarian 326-6571 Ext. 153
Billie, Stephanie Librarian Assistant 326-6571 Ext. 153
Hammons, Tarra SPED Coordinator  326-6571 Ext. 329
Clafton, Janet Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 306
Crisp, Rainy
Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 316
Fernandez, Donna Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 311
Flores, Yolanda Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 318
 Henry, Allison Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 308
Iwana, Elsa Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 319
 Iwana, Hiroshi Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 150
Yazzie, Denise Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 317
Joe, Kyle Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 309
Keeley, Kevin Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 305
Martin, Kevin Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 126
 Martin, Mabel Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 326
Mendoza, Myrna Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 300
Messano, Ursula Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 323
Nez, Jessica Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 321
Nofchissey, Rose Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 301
Sorensen, Larry Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 312
Tohtsoni, Lesley Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 313
 Vander Hoven, Janalee Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 325
Wolfe, Cheryl Instructor 326-6571 x303
Yazzie, Mavis Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 310
Young, Jeff Instructor 326-6571 Ext. 314


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Becenti, Leland Dean of Student Life 326-6571 Ext. 121
Reece, Ed Asst. Dean of Student Life 326-6571 Ext. 156
Sandoval, Craig Student Support Specialist 326-6571 Ext. 302
Goldtooth, Louise Residential Advisor (Sub)  
 Yazzie, Terry Residential Advisor (Sub) TBD  
Arthur Hall (505) 326-6571 Ext. 234    
Johnson, Delbert Residential Advisor  
Yazzie, Kerry Residential Advisor  
Bates Hall (505) 326-6571 Ext. 242    
Tom, Carol Residential Advisor  
White, Camille Residential Advisor  
Garrett Hall (505) 326-6571 Ext. 233    
Maloney, Gina Residential Advisor  
Dale, Callie Residential Advisor  
Manuelito Hall (505) 326-6571 Ext. 231    
Charley, Bobby Residential Advisor  
Davis, Lula Residential Advisor  
Zah Hall (505) 326-6571 Ext. 232    
Bissonette, Vernida Residential Advisor  
Kinlichneenie, Judith Residential Advisor  

McKenzie Student Health Center

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Fax: (505) 326-1834
Abboud, Rita School Nurse/SBHC Coordinator 326-6571 Ext. 116
Nelson, Beverly Health Assistant 326-6571 Ext. 115
John, Delshayne NCASH Evening Coordinator  326-6571 Ext 156 or 121


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Crispy, Rainy Athletic Director 326-6571 Ext. 117
Yazzie, DeShanin Athletic Secretary 326-6571 Ext. 124
TBD Head Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
Cross Country      
Zahne, Stephanie Head Coach  
Lopez, Rick Assistant Coach  327-3491
Crisp, Rainy Head Coach  326-6571 Ext. 316
Joe, Jolynn Assistant Coach  joe_jolynn01@yahoo.ocm  
Nez, Jessica Assistant Coach  
Irwin, Stacy Head Coach  
Nelson, Leroy Assistant Coach  
Boys' Basketball      
Hoerner, Rick Head Coach    
 Vacant Assistant Coach    
 Vacant Assistant Coach    
Girls' Basketball      
Crisp, Rainy Head Coach 326-6571 Ext. 316
John, Sheryl Assistant Coach 326-6571 Ext. 113
Nez, Jessica Assistant Coach  
Rochford, Austin Head Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
Heaston, Bryan Head Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
Track & Field      
Zahne, Stephanie Head Coach    
  Assistant Coach    
Halliburton, Darin Head Coach    
Holiday, Meleah Head Coach  

Support Services

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Begay, Byron Support Services Supervisor 326-6571 Ext. 151
Roanhorse, Bita Facility Office Coordinator
and Custodial supervisor 326-6571 Ext. 328
Jantz, Ron Maintenance  
Barbone, Tony Maintenance  
Montano, Johnny Groundskeeping  
Charley, Phillip Custodian  
Clark, Mary Custodian  
Curley, Virginia Custodian  
Kanuho, Eddie Custodian  
Roybal, Richard Transportation Coordinator 326-6571 Ext. 114
Bonney, Paul Bus Driver  
Jones, Edith Bus Driver  
Begaye, Ermalinda Bus Driver  
Devargas, Danny Bus Driver  
Chavez, Larry Bus Driver  
Martinez, Antonio Bus Driver  
Nakai-Jefferson, Charlotte Bus Driver  
Martinez, Bernice  Bus Driver  
Irwin, Stacy  Bus Driver  
Security (505) 860-2189 or (505) 215-2342
Young, Thomas Lead Security/Safety 326-6571 Ext. 322
Iron Cloud, Harlan Security Officer  
Nakai, Alexandria Security Officer  
Spencer, Jade Security Officer  
TBD  Security Officer  
TBD Security Officer (Sub)    
TBD Security Officer (sub)    
TBD Security Officer (sub)    
Network Administration
Jantz, Ron Network Administrator 326-6571 Ext. 132
Food Services
White, Tyrone Food Srvc. Manager 326-6571 Ext. 112
Toledo, Hazel Lead Cook 326-6571 Ext. 112
Kee, Sherry Cook 326-6571 Ext. 112
Shirley, Terrie Cook 326-6571 Ext. 112
Vacant Cook  Vacant 326-6571 Ext. 112
 Hammitt, Marjorie Sub Cook   326-6571 Ext. 112


Upcoming Events

  • 09-01-16 - Board of Trustee's Meeting